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Rookie Believe it or Not
With or without Antonio Brown how will he affect Rookies Josh Jacobs and Hunter Renfrow?
Does Josh Gordon mean wait and see for N’Keal Harry?
@AardvarkTV & @DFF_Swag Breakdown the situations

Another beautiful Saturday morning, rolling out to some of our favorite pods. Listening to @DailyBlitzPod @DynoCrossroads @TradeAddictsPod @TaleofTwoRivals @FusionFFB @Rotobahn @EstablishTheRun @DevyHappyHour @aussieguysnfl & of course #TheBlitz

Do you want actionable, specific information and draft advice or don't you?

It doesn't get more specific than this:
Game Theory, Mindset, and a 6 round walkthrough of what to be prepared for when drafting from the 2 & 3 or 10 & 11 spots.

This is what we did last year with multiple charity leagues. This year we added in #Bestball leagues. Still have 2 more leagues I would like to fill.

Only $10 and winner takes home $50 with #BFTGcharities getting the other $50. Unless I win then all $100 will buy TOYS!!!

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I'm as proud of this series as anything I've done.
In such a saturated market it's hard to produce original work.
But I truly think this is a unique, yet actionable approach to draft prep.

Give it a read, do a mock with it and tell me it isn't the best looking start you've had.

As you prep for drafts be sure to give these two articles a read from @Generally_aware on @FusionFFB for drafting from the middle and drafting from the turn and as always check out the #BitterPills work while you’re there.

So maybe last year was great, or maybe it was the worst, but either way you're:

Drafting from: The Turn

Position specific draft prep for both ends of the draft. Way more than just players, its game theory and mindset.

Since day ONE (-2 even) FusionFFB has been on this story telling you facts all pointed towards Melvin Gordon missing games, if not half the season.
If my warnings have helped you avoid drafting him high in any way, all I ask is subscribe and give the podcast a rate & review

If you haven’t read the most recent installment of my Bitter Pills piece, make sure you do. Also, catch up on all the previous visits to give you some ideas of players that may need a slight fade as you get ready for your drafts.
@FusionFFB #BitterPills

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